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Black Insomnia

Black Insomnia

R150 / 250g
(World's Strongest Coffee)


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Ginja Beanz

the Ginja Beanz journey

Our journey started with a spark of an idea during a trip through Europe. On our return to South Africa we nurtured this spark into a flame when the opportunity to buy Ginja Beanz crossed our paths in 2012. We implemented new ideas and hired people who are just as passionate as us about amazing coffee and food. We know each person is unique and we were excited to see how each person we bring on board will contribute to making Ginja Beanz a fiery success.

We pride ourselves in our quality food and coffee. Everything from a humble cheese and tomato sandwich to our exclusive Ginja Beanz dishes are all freshly made with love and care. As for our high quality micro-roasted coffee - We guarantee fresh beans, freshly roasted every time.

We love our clients. Our clients are our friends. We're a family who comes together daily for a cup of good coffee.

Ginja Beanz is a bright fire kindled by friendship and great coffee.


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Dont be shy do contact us about everything and anything, we will be glad to answer your questions about Ginja Beanz Coffee Cafe.

  • 17 Waterfront Square, Suffren Street, 7357 Langebaan, Western Cape, South Africa
  • Phone: (022) 772 2221
  • Email: viljoenhanneke@gmail.com

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